Kwabena Appiah-nti (Belgian-Ghanian, b.1994) aka, Sekyi, is a fashion and documentary photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In 2017, Sekyi completed his studies in communication & design, so he could receive approval from his parents and pursue his passion: photography. In his first years as an imagemaker he became fascinated by those in society who are often negatively perceived, misunderstood, and stereotypically portrayed - a group he describes as the ‘underdogs’. By delving into their world, researching and capturing their behaviour, he aims to present the authentic expressions and essence of his subjects. 


Through the use of analogue-style photography, Sekyi creates a palette of colours in his images that radiate a warmth and softness that showcases idealized and dignified images in a poetic way. 

Sekyi defines the underlying theme in his photography as ‘boyhood’ - connecting his own experiences to those of the subjects he presents:

It’s about capturing the day to day lives of boys and men through my own gaze, one that may not be commonly shared. Everything I do, all the subjects I choose, have sprinkles of my childhood interests and current fascinations mixed into it’. 

As a photographer, Sekyi has observed, all too often, how media, brands, and magazines present black people in a stereotype way, in an attempt to seem inclusive. In response to this, he has started a personal project titled: Golden Boy that he wants to offer up as a way of changing the stereotypical presentation of black youth in media, and instead, aligning those images with themes of excellence, wealth and true beauty: 

‘Golden Boy is a series about the contemporary black boy. Its name is partly derived from the way our skin glows in the sunlight. It also hints at the seemingly universal use of gold in black cultures. This series is my way of stating the potential of the black boy, equating their value to that of gold - and allowing them to shine just as much.

Based in Amsterdam. 

or +31 629189989